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About the Company

About the Company

"MAK-SAV" PLC (Private limited company) has been working for you for more than 20 years. Makysheva Irina is the ideological inspiration and the founder of the organization. The company specializes in the manufacture of artistic stained glass and is the first officially registered and active non-governmental organization in Ukraine in the area of ​the mentioned ​activity. Over the years, the creative team of "MAK-SAV" PLC has worked with numerous quantity of the architects, designers, construction companies, teams that produce windows, doors, furniture, and other utilitarian issues for interiors. During this time, a number of works have been done on the design of projects and interior decoration of stained-glass windows of the state and commercial institutions, restaurants, private residences, cottages and apartments, in particular, the television studio at Bankova Str. and the medical building at the "Feofaniya" Clinic, "Shakhplov" restaurant (Antonovicha Str., 72). Our professional artists always adhere to the following principles:

  • Stained glass is an organic combination of architecture, interior, and decoration materials (stained glass, wood products, etc.);
  • Stained glass is an art piece of a variety of stylistic directions, that is based on the preferences of the customer;
  • Stained glass is a combination of functionality and decorative interior features;
  • Stained glass is the presence of plastic force in the interiors, emotionality of the color, decorative, and above all, the spatiality of perception of the mentioned features;
  • Stained glass is a living and light rhythm of colored compositions that contribute a note of human warmth and joy;
  • Stained glass performs a constructive role, visually connects ports (windows, doors) into a single architectural-chromatic symphony;
  • Stained-glass window is decorated with various compositions: ornamental, heraldic, animalistic, foliage patterns, figurative, and thematic;
  • Stained glass revives the ancient traditions of Ukrainian art and contributes to the contemporary Ukrainian national culture;
  • The stained-glass window is an ambitious and intensive work of the artist that stimulates the transfer of traditions as well as creates artworks in the contexts of modern abstract art and pop art movements.

    Over the years, our artists have formed the own, a unique style of artistic tasks solving. We work in different architectural styles and movements; we pay attention to the progressive, modern direction of art development, including stained glass. Our calling card is monochrome stained-glass windows. By giving priority to the beauty of the material, we reach the peak of its expressiveness. Stained-glass windows are created by using professional tinted glass which is an integral part of our creations.

       "MAK-SAV" PLC and other artists created the All-Ukrainian Creative Union of glass masters, headed by Makysheva Iryna, in 2010.


We want to remind you of the benefits that you will get when working with us:

  • fulfill your order at a high artistic level
  • timely execution of the order
  • flexible pricing formation

Sincerely, the collective of "MAK-SAV" PLC